Coorong Gold

Coorong Gold is the brand name for all Coorong Apiaries’ honey, beeswax and eucalytus products.

Coorong Gold Honey

Coorong Gold Honey is 100% pure Australian honey. It is produced by some 240 million hard working bees populating over 4,000 hives that are managed by our dedicated team of Coorong Apiaries’ staff from Coorong Gold HQ, just south of Meningie, South Australia.

Our bees are able to gather nectar and pollen from a range of sources depending on the availability of floral resources at different times of the year. A key source however is the 3,000 hectares of heritage-listed, freehold land featuring an abundance of native flora and fauna, of which we are proud custodians.

Different floral sources produce honey of different tastes and colour. What is common to all Coorong Honey products however is that the provenance of each bottle can be traced to its original source and that it has not been contaminated or adulturated in any way.

Coorong Gold Honey is sold through local outlets, including the Coorong District Council Office (Meningie), in 500g and 1 kg containers. We are always looking for more stockists. Bulk honey orders are also welcome on a wholesale basis. Please send any sales enquires to us via the website Contact Form.

Coorong Gold Beeswax

Coorong Gold Beeswax is a honey by-product that we are able to offer thanks to the hard work of our female worker bees who secrete the wax from the glands in their abdomens when building the hive honeycomb.

Beeswax is a naturally occurring wax that is produced in hives. Once extracted and refined, beeswax has many commercial uses including in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, candle making, food processing, textiles, varnishes, polishes and metal casting industries.

Coorong Gold beeswax is refined according to Australian and European Union compliance standards. Our beeswax laboratory testing regime, conducted by Intertek in Bremen, Germany, can demonstrate the purity of our beeswax to prospective buyers.

Large beeswax orders (minimum of 5 tonnes or 5,000 kgs) are welcome from European and other beeswax importers, suppliers and industrial consumers.

Please send any sales enquires to us via the website Contact Form.

Coorong Gold Eucalyptus Oil

Coorong Apiaries is also proud to produce for sale its own brand of 100% pure eucalyptus oil.

Eucalyptus oil is sourced from the oval shaped leaves of the many species of Eucalyptus trees which are native to Australia. The leaves are dried, crushed and distilled to release the essential oil.

Eucalyptus oil is known for its healing powers, whether to silence a cough, repel bugs, treat wounds, freshen breath or reduce pain and inflammation.

Over the next few years, it is our plan to plant large stands of eucalyptus trees in our conservation areas to help regenerate the natural environment, provide new habitats for local fauna, and to help us expand the eucalyptus oil side of our business.